What services do we offer

South American Classics is a platform where we concentrate on both the customer and South American classics. Our goal is to help you in your search for your dream Volkswagen, parts and associated services for importing the Volkswagen. With an inventory of over  1000 Volkswagens, 100 different parts and several services, we hope to help you with your needs. 

Our services

We have personally and carefully selected the Volkswagens that we offer you. They meet our requirements and standards. We select these on the basis of a fixed checklist.

We want to do our utmost best for our customers. We look for the Volkswagen that suits your personality, the exact Volkswagen you’ve been looking for. You can always contact us by e-mail to give us more details.

In addition to offering Brazilian Volkswagens, we also provide a webshop with some important supplies for on the road.

You don’t have to arrange anything yourself when it comes to transporting your Volkswagen. As a company, we believe it is important to offer a good and complete service. The transport of our products will obviously be included. This means that there will be no additional transport costs.

Customs clearance
Customs are also involved in the import of Brazilian Volkswagens. Your vehicle will be transported directly to the port of Antwerp. Customs clearance for your Volkswagen is arranged by us, just like the transport. Therefore, there will be no extra costs for this service.

Repair and adapt
Another important part of a good service is getting your vehicle in order to pass the inspection. We will take care of any adjustments that need to be made to comply with European standards and regulations. We will replace the tires, battery and lighting of your Brazilian classic car in any case.

Vehicle inspection
– oldtimer inspection: Belgium
To be able to drive your Volkswagen in Belgium, you need a registration form. As described above, we prepare your vehicle for the oldtimer inspection. You will therefore receive this form when you collect your Volkswagen.
– oldtimer inspection: France
In France, your Volkswagen must pass the French oldtimer inspection (FFVE) and the annual inspection. We will take care of both inspections. The customer is responsible for the carte grise. The WW license plate is our responsability as well.
– oldtimer inspection: Germany
Your Volkswagen needs a Datenblatt in Germany. It is possible to also provide this document. We can also provide you with a daily registration, if you prefer to receive this.
– oldtimer inspection: Italy
To make the registration as easy as possible we will first register you vehicle in France. Once we have the temporary French license plates, we can import the vehicle in Italy much easier.

Photo report from Brazil
If you would like to, you can request a photo report of your Volkswagen. You can choose a specific vehicle (or several) and we will deliver the report to you as soon as possible.

Escrow service
To guarantee a safe transition of your money, we work with an escrow agent. In concrete terms, this means that your money first ends up on a blocked account, which will only pay the owner of the Volkswagen in Brazil when the transport has been successfully arranged. In this way we want to prevent problems occurring in the trading of the Volkswagen.