who we are

We are a young dealer company, which was founded in March 2020. We are based in Antwerp. For the time being, we are already working with people from four European countries: Belgium, Germany, France and Italy.

Victor is the glue of the company. Despite the fact that he’s a student alongside his work, he has been involved in the renovation and sale of all kinds of cars in Belgium for years.

Eline is also a student in Belgium. She works with Victor on the development of the company.

Daniel has been in the automotive world for years. He is a German car dealer and now he also wants to expand by offering exclusive Brazilian Volkswagens in his country.

The German Mike is a physiotherapist. Variation in life is important to him, hence this addition to the profession.

Guillaume is a racing instructor from France. He has been passionate about cars all his life.

Francesco is also familiar with the automotive world. He’s already involved in the sale of exclusive cars in Italy.

what's important

The emphasis is mainly placed on customer satisfaction. By providing a good service, we try to achieve this goal. We want to guarantee all our customers a carefree purchase of a Brazilian classic car of their choice.

what we do

We search, import and sell Brazilian Volkswagens. It is often a long and tiring process that you have to go through yourself. Exactly for this reason we offer the total picture, as if it were a ready-made dish.

how we do this

We work according to a four-step plan …


We find a Volkswagen in good condition in Brazil. We use a self-drawn checklist for the selection.


A customer decides to buy a Volkswagen and so it is imported to the port of Antwerp. Obviously we transport by ship.


Once arrived in Antwerp, the Volkswagen will be cleared there.


If the Volkswagen is destined for a customer from a country other than Belgium, the car will be transported from Antwerp to this European country.